Exercises that are Useful during Pregnancy

The backbend and forward bend exercise is a pre-natal exercise good for your hips, lower back and spine. This exercise opens your hips which helps you during childbirth.

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13th November 2010

Although many deliveries these days are done by operating the cesarean section, but doing this exercise is helpful nevertheless as it stretches and nourishes your thighs, knees, ankles.

Due to your overall physical posture it also moderately stretches your shoulders, arms, and neck.

Due to your conscious breathing your chest, ribcage, heart and lungs are also activated and stimulated.

In general your overall blood circulation improves and you feel more agile as well as refreshed.

~ How to do the backbend and forward bend exercise during pregnancy

Step # 1 : Sit on your buttocks. Make your spine erect and sit nice and tall. Place your arms on your knees and keep your elbows soft and agile.

Step # 2 : Take a few deep breaths and relax before proceeding to the following steps.

Step # 3 : Place your feet together with the foot soles touching each other. The outline of your legs look like a diamond to any person who looks at you from a standing position. This step is similar to the goddess pose of yoga. Pause and catch your breath before moving on.

This position itself helps you to open your hips and pelvis which is very useful during natural childbirth.

Step # 4 : Move your arms behind you and place them on the mat behind you and place your palms flat and firmly on the mat. Walk or shuffle your palms further back as you lean back carefully and very gradually. Have a family member to support you as you do this step.

At this step you are focusing on releasing your energy through your pelvis. Pause at this stage for some time before moving on.

Step # 5 : Stiffen your arms and then lift your back slowly and carefully to make it straight once again.

Step # 6 : Bring your arms forward and place your palms flat in front of you beyond your shins. Bend forward to the extent you find comfortable. But when doing this ensure that you do not pressurize your abdomen. In advanced pregnancy, after being 36 weeks in your pregnancy, avoid the forward bend part of this exercise.

~ Precautions before doing the backbend and forward bend exercise during pregnancy

Before you proceed to do the backbend and forward bend exercise during pregnancy, apprise your gynecologist of your medical condition and only then proceed as you are advised.

- Sudheer Govind Birodkar


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